Monday, March 2, 2009

Putting it in perspective

So I've had one heck of a week. It started with a simple conflict of scheduling between what I really wanted to do and what I wanted to do. MegaCon and my tennis teams Jekylly Island tournament were scheduled on the same weekend. Bummer, no megacon cause I'm contractually obligated to be at my Teams tournament. I resolved myself to the fact that I would miss what has traditionally been one of the highlights of my year for the last decade. Cut to Valentines day when my wife's grandmother had a series of sever strokes which would culminate in her passing away this tuesday while I was at yet another tennis match. The funeral was scheduled for friday which meant I couldn't travel with the team to Jekyll until after said funeral. My sister's father also passed thursday evening which meant I had two funerals to attend within a few days.

After Mrs. Gladys's funeral friday I left Wrightsville wich is almost in the center of the state to travel to Jekyll Island which is in the southeast corner of the state. My boys lost their first round match due to a handycapping situation that prohibited our #2 singles player from playing until the Basketball teams season ended. That being said, the boys sucked it up and rained pain down upon the next two teams they played saturday. I traveled back Saturday night and arrived home, my wife still in Wrightsville at her parents. With my sister's funeral scheduled for sunday, I went to bed without really taking time to catch up with my wife or talk with her about all that she's been through this week.

Sunday morning will waiting for her to get home so we could go to the second funeral, I received a phone call from her in which she was gasping for breath and crying uncontrollably. She finally choked out that she'd had a wreck. I my mind, the gasping and crying meant she was injured and I thought I was listening to the love of my life's last few moments on earth. God blessed me, as Crystal emerged from this accident relatively unscathed but he also reminded me that my life could be so much worse and of how very important this woman is to me. It's all a matter of perspective. I was focusing on how frustrating and crazy things were, and I was quickly reminded how bad they could be. Go home and kiss and hug the people you love. Life is fragile.

Here's colors for Lord Grimshaw.

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  1. The Goatee/Soul Patch still looks off. I mentioned it to Matt and his thoughts are A) Boy, that Jason sure is a sumbitch and B) Maybe try giving him a full bread. It would give him and even more wild man look.
    It might be worth a shot.