Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I decided to take a break from the pencil, ink and color routine to get back to just penciling and inking for a day or so. Sometimes I find myself away from the drawing board and unable to actually pencil or scan so. I still want to be productive during these times and as I always take my laptop with me, I decided to build up a little cache of drawing that need some color added. I don't want the build up too much color work for myself but I doesn't hurt to have a couple drawings in the can for those days when I can't really draw.

So I busted out this Carter. Carter is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter, the uberwarrior that battles on mars with lots of naked women hanging around. While I certainly respect the awesome illustrative talents of the artists like Frazetta that have depicted Carter before, they alway drew him in these leather briefs with some kind of X-strap going across his chest etc. It's a little....well, I just didn't want to draw a mostly naked man all the time when I was working and the Carter depictions felt a little more homo-erotic than the tarzan stuff. So I tried to take elements from what I'd seen of John Carter and incorporate them into a design that is more children friendly. The blade he holds is called the shift blade and while I could have gone Manga Crazy with it, and made it 10 feet long with 18 different blades emerging from the single blade, I decided to be a little more subtle and hint at it's shifting ability.

Not much new going on. Trying to work things out with the Wife's Car. I also recently watched Hercules and Atlantis from Disney again. Beautiful and influential movies. I havn't really paid much attention to the disney stuff, but as I've pursued a more economical and animated style, I've begun to be really influenced by them.

Hope you guys are well.

Spread the word about the blog. I need more criticism.




  1. I meant critcism from smart people with taste who like everything I do:)