Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So this is Dent. He's kind of the guy who chronicles the exploits of oddysey and his companions. He was fun to draw and pretty easy. I was told to draw Teddy Roosevelt. Voila. Looking forward to busting out some colors on this guy. Hope you are all well. Those of you that draw, It'd be nice to see some new art one of these days.

take her easy. As always, constructive criticism is appreciated.


  1. J,

    Everyone so far looks mad. Like really ticked off mad. Except, Flyboy, he didn't. I like Dent he looks good, but I think he might be a bit too thick. I don't remember Matt's description too well, but I think he should be a bit slimmer. He is supposed to keep up with Doc and the crew.


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  3. J,

    Wow you've been busy! One thing I noticed is your relaxed hands look a little funky sometimes.

    Your style is has come a long way in these short 2/3 years. You are getting a lot of flexibility and movement out of your figures and poses. And you are getting lots of emotion across such as in Flyboy, Wolverine, and Thor. I'll call you in the next couple days to catch up, sorry for disappearing, but thanks for keeping in touch.


  4. yeah you're right about the hands. Thanks for calling me out.

  5. Dent looks great! He needs to be taller and slimmer, though. A tad younger, as well. Mix in a bit of Jim Gordon, too.