Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Man you just beasted on him.

Being A school teacher, I get hit with new teenage slang just about everyday. I've mananged to assimilate some of it into my vocabulary while selectively avoiding other examples. I've also managed to take a few things back from the slang of previous Generations. For example, I use JIVE and DIG much the same way they were used in the generations before me and for the most part I've seen some of my students begin to use them as well over the last three years. That being said two of the more recent examples that my tennis players are using include Coke or Cokeing (Both of which are used as verbs) and Beast beasted, or beasting the first of the three being used both as a verb and a noun while the last two up to this point are strictly verbs, but anything is possible. To coke someone is to rule them, to outdo them so severly that those around them who witness the "coking" feel sorry for them or pity them. An example would be to win a service game in a tennis match with just your serve. Another example would be to tackle a player in a football game so hard that his helmet flies off. You got coked if this has happened to you. If you are the one who does the "coking" then you could be referred to as a "Beast" in that you "beasted" on the guy you served the aces to. The act of doing this is referred to as "Beasting." It can also be used like the following sentance. "Man, you were beasting on that kid!"

Some other gems I've heard lately from my studio mate include the mantra for the rising generation of american students "I ain't did nuttin" and "ooh can had dat" and my favorite piece of jargain that refers to a person who needs a haircut "Man, you ain't got no edges." is beastboy. I need a coke. Save your money, tomorrow looks bleak.



  1. Dude,
    I believe the phrase is "Oooh I cuh hah dat."
    You poor ignorant tennis coach.

  2. By the way, he looks like he's poopin' a shoe.

  3. I moved the shoe. Sorry, I couldn't translate norwegian as well as you can.