Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gotta get faster.

Lots of cool art on the walls. My stuff is hanging there cause my mom got ahold of a couple of my prints from last year and framed em. I'm planning to fill this frames with some original pages I got way back in 2000 eventually. That is stelfreeze, cheeks and Tom Biondolillo hanging on the walls in front of me.

Lots going on. I'm finally getting my workspace situated after the new furniture. I just added a new drawing table to my desk. I had a wonderful large drawing table that my amazing father built for me way back around the time I turned 21 or so. I've used it for 10 years now and i loved it but it was a little too bulky for the room with the new desks so with much sadness I've retired it to the mothballs until Crystal and I can buy or hopefully build a larger house with a bigger room for my studio space at which time I'll gladly bring it back. We are till in the market for some bookshelves. My wife is a former English teacher and at one point she was an avid reader so she has collected quite a bit of the major literature of the world, and I'm constantly buying books on design or drawing or animation to learn from. We've got enough books to start a small very specilized library. I've posted a few pics of the new workspace along with the Kid Flash which I'll be printing out today to remind me to draw faster and get more work done. I've also started working on the batman pages I posted yeasterday again. I'm planning to finish this story if it take me the rest of the summer.

Kid Flash was always a fun character for me. I'll include him in the teen titans print I'm working on.
Hope you guys are well. I'll see ya soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Time To get moving again...

This week has been a complete waste creatively. I havn't gotten anything drawn for all the distractions and things that I needed to catch up on after I neglected my life for the better part of three weeks getting ready for the convention this past weekend. I often wonder how those guys who put on the conventions feel on the weekend after the show. What the heck do we do now. Well I know... so far this week I've had to spend two days grading work, another day just straightening up the studio. We bought new furniture for it with the spoils from the con and that has been an issue all by itself with Staples having given up the wrong color of one of the desks. We have finished the studio for now and I'm very proud of it. It's growing into the work space that I have always dreamed of having, sans the full glass wall that opens into a 3o'x30' deck that overlooks the lake. Don't have that yet.

I also got the Deviant Art page set up and that is a learning curve all on its own. Plus I've had tennis and softball commitments. Friday is my day to do some work....hopefully.

I'm posting something new/old today. I've had these pages sitting in mothballs for about 6 months now. They are four pages of sequentials from a batman short story I've had banging around in my head for years now. I began to lose my zeal for them after I started noticing all the inconsistencies in them. I think the storytelling is pretty solid but some of the individual illos are a little weak. I think I'll start on a new set next week to get my Sequential work moving again.
The crazy thing is that I love sequential storytelling. I like the opportunities it presents to work with design how much fun it is to solve that puzzel and make the page flow so that it reads well. I used to draw pages all the time. I got a little burned out and the spot illustration bug bit me. I was dipping my toe with these. I think it's time to take the plunge.
Hope you guys are well.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deviant Art

Hey Guys,

It's four days in a row now. I'm finally finding my strength again after a weekend of meeting greeting, selling and definitely smelling at Heroes Con. Of course I'm a little sick. You can't shake that many hands without getting the gunch at somepoint. Gonna wear latex gloves and a breather next year.

So I finally took the Deviant Art Plunge at the urging of my bud Randy Green. I was fortunate enough to be invited to join Tsunami Studios about five years back and while I'm still not sure why that talented group of cats wanted me, I'm grateful for the opportunities it has presented, not the least of which is getting to know those guys. The stuff they are doing and the levels they've built their careers up to make me feel like a fraud whenever I'm hanging out with them at the shows. Gonna try to make up for that eventually guys, but in the meantime thanks for being pals and for the support and advice you give. It was great seeing you at heroes this weekend.

Anyway, if you wanted to check out Deviant Art my handle or codename or secret identity on there is


if that doesn't show then just run a search for JWalker and maybe one of my pieces of art will pop up.

For today I have Mr. Deadpool himself. I worked this guy out in a hurry to get ready for the show. I Knew he was a popular character from cons past and having fan after fan ask if I had a Deadpool print or if I could draw deadpool. So I busted him out and the reception was pretty good. I might just do another one. Of course people were quick to point out that because of his healing factor he really wouldn't need to block bullets. Ohhhh Hollywood, you know I love you more than one guy should....that's Lyrics from Collective Soul's song "Hollywood" for those of you who can't remember past Nickleback.

Anyway, go check out the deviant art gallery. It's at the following URL

Believe it or not I have stuff on there that isn't on my blog, well kinda.

have a great day and enjoy swimming in the deadpool.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I did this Bullseye for the sketchbook about a week before heroes. He's a fun character. I'd like to one day have a chance to draw him professionally. Daredevil would be a cool book to work on.

Oh well, I'm just taking it easy today getting some work done and trying not to break a sweat.

hope you guys are well.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The man without fear (of returning stuff to Staples)

As promised, lots of new stuff to post. Gonna take updating slow cause I've finally built up a breathing room with the amount of material I have and for some reason I just can't catch up on my rest after Heroes Con. It was a good time, but I've had a constant headache since and I feel very sleepy all the time.

Plus my Studio is a wreck right now. Crystal and I decided to invest the majority of the booty from my conquest at Heroes into new furniture for the studio. This new furniture consists of two new glasstop metal framed desks that we hoped would fit together nicely in there. Right now I'm typing at one of them, a desk that I've always imagined having where I could work. It's black with a minimalistic approch to the construction. It is one of those that wraps around the wall in an L shape. It's a sexy piece of furniture. My wife also sews a little so we'll be setting up her sewing machine pretty soon. I rarely work at the drawing table anymore so we both needed some table space that didn't swallow the room. The other desk we bought is from the same line. It consists of a glass top desk with a stand attached that holds printers and scanners etc. It's not put together right now cause the gang over at staples didn't pay attention and gave us a silver version of it instead of the black. So I have to drive back to savannah to exchange it. I'll post some pics of the studio once I get it finished. It's my favorite room in the house and it gets better (and a little more crowded everytime we add something.

I've posted a Daredevil that I did several years ago in the very early phases of my style change. I recently revised him to make him a little less googly and poorly drawn to include in the sketchbook. Hope you like it. See ya tomorrow.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally An Update.

Hey Guys,

So it has been a minute or two since I updated. Actually, it's been 47 days. My Bad!!! I have actually been working so I'll be posting some new stuff here. I teach high school and up until recently I've not had a need to pay for internet at home as I could use it at the school. I took the hit last week and purchased some service for my home. What all this means for you is that I can start managing my blog again over the summer while I'm not teaching.

First things first, I just got back from Heroes con this weekend. What a great show and a great weekend for me. I met a lot of cool people, had some good talks with some pros that I really admire and got to do a little sketching. The printed version of my sketchbook was successful as were the prints. It was a great time. I always enjoy Charlotte and Heroes and I'll be going for as long as they'll have me.

I added the new header to the blog so I thought my first update would be the art that went along with that. This Hellboy flew out of the pencil and I had a blast working on him last week as I was getting ready for the con. I have a lot of stuff to put up and new projects on the way. I'm also going to start posting more sketches between the finished illos. So here is Hellboy.
If you missed out on picking up my sketchbook in Charlotte I still have a few copies left. The cost is $10.00 plus shipping and comes with a free full page headsketch on the first page. Email me at to place your order.

I'll catch you guys tomorrow.