Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gotta get faster.

Lots of cool art on the walls. My stuff is hanging there cause my mom got ahold of a couple of my prints from last year and framed em. I'm planning to fill this frames with some original pages I got way back in 2000 eventually. That is stelfreeze, cheeks and Tom Biondolillo hanging on the walls in front of me.

Lots going on. I'm finally getting my workspace situated after the new furniture. I just added a new drawing table to my desk. I had a wonderful large drawing table that my amazing father built for me way back around the time I turned 21 or so. I've used it for 10 years now and i loved it but it was a little too bulky for the room with the new desks so with much sadness I've retired it to the mothballs until Crystal and I can buy or hopefully build a larger house with a bigger room for my studio space at which time I'll gladly bring it back. We are till in the market for some bookshelves. My wife is a former English teacher and at one point she was an avid reader so she has collected quite a bit of the major literature of the world, and I'm constantly buying books on design or drawing or animation to learn from. We've got enough books to start a small very specilized library. I've posted a few pics of the new workspace along with the Kid Flash which I'll be printing out today to remind me to draw faster and get more work done. I've also started working on the batman pages I posted yeasterday again. I'm planning to finish this story if it take me the rest of the summer.

Kid Flash was always a fun character for me. I'll include him in the teen titans print I'm working on.
Hope you guys are well. I'll see ya soon.

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  1. Hey man! It's lookin' great! We're back from Disney. It's been a rough trip.