Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally An Update.

Hey Guys,

So it has been a minute or two since I updated. Actually, it's been 47 days. My Bad!!! I have actually been working so I'll be posting some new stuff here. I teach high school and up until recently I've not had a need to pay for internet at home as I could use it at the school. I took the hit last week and purchased some service for my home. What all this means for you is that I can start managing my blog again over the summer while I'm not teaching.

First things first, I just got back from Heroes con this weekend. What a great show and a great weekend for me. I met a lot of cool people, had some good talks with some pros that I really admire and got to do a little sketching. The printed version of my sketchbook was successful as were the prints. It was a great time. I always enjoy Charlotte and Heroes and I'll be going for as long as they'll have me.

I added the new header to the blog so I thought my first update would be the art that went along with that. This Hellboy flew out of the pencil and I had a blast working on him last week as I was getting ready for the con. I have a lot of stuff to put up and new projects on the way. I'm also going to start posting more sketches between the finished illos. So here is Hellboy.
If you missed out on picking up my sketchbook in Charlotte I still have a few copies left. The cost is $10.00 plus shipping and comes with a free full page headsketch on the first page. Email me at to place your order.

I'll catch you guys tomorrow.



  1. Wow, great work man, wish I could have been there, keep it up. I show a friend of mine here in Florida all your sketches and he goes apeshit that you were my teacher haha. Must be all the awesome stories I tell.

  2. I still can't believe how fast you're doing these things man. I'm just so darned jealous.
    My blog should be updated later today. Just sketches and the like.

  3. Love the new header. The sketchbook rocks. Keep the posts coming, bro.