Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The man without fear (of returning stuff to Staples)

As promised, lots of new stuff to post. Gonna take updating slow cause I've finally built up a breathing room with the amount of material I have and for some reason I just can't catch up on my rest after Heroes Con. It was a good time, but I've had a constant headache since and I feel very sleepy all the time.

Plus my Studio is a wreck right now. Crystal and I decided to invest the majority of the booty from my conquest at Heroes into new furniture for the studio. This new furniture consists of two new glasstop metal framed desks that we hoped would fit together nicely in there. Right now I'm typing at one of them, a desk that I've always imagined having where I could work. It's black with a minimalistic approch to the construction. It is one of those that wraps around the wall in an L shape. It's a sexy piece of furniture. My wife also sews a little so we'll be setting up her sewing machine pretty soon. I rarely work at the drawing table anymore so we both needed some table space that didn't swallow the room. The other desk we bought is from the same line. It consists of a glass top desk with a stand attached that holds printers and scanners etc. It's not put together right now cause the gang over at staples didn't pay attention and gave us a silver version of it instead of the black. So I have to drive back to savannah to exchange it. I'll post some pics of the studio once I get it finished. It's my favorite room in the house and it gets better (and a little more crowded everytime we add something.

I've posted a Daredevil that I did several years ago in the very early phases of my style change. I recently revised him to make him a little less googly and poorly drawn to include in the sketchbook. Hope you like it. See ya tomorrow.

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