Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White Lantern Martian Manhunter Lines

Here is another commission for my Bro Pablo. He loves green lantern, and red lantern, and orange lantern and yellow lantern etc. I know all about Martian Manhunter, but I wasn't totally familiar with the whole white lantern thing, apparently it raises superheroes from the dead and makes them kind like zombies....I guess. Anyway. Hope ya dig it. Color for Thor, Deadpool, Abe Sapien and this guy should be up in the next week.

Take it easy.



Thor Lines

Here is another Thor. I love drawing this character.


Monday, May 24, 2010


a little hulk action to get some more Avengers stuff rolling into the con book. Hope ya like it.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Hellboy

I love drawing this character. Two versions, the first is my typical pallette with a complementary scheme and the neutrals left as neutral. The other one I pushed the neutrals more toward the greens to further the tension of that complementary scheme.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hellboy Again

So here is another version of Hellboy for my sketchbook. I'm pretty happy with this one right now. Hope you dig it.




Figured it was time to draw another deadpool. Hope you guys like this one.



Ironfist Colors

Here are the colors for Ironfist after a few different tries. Thanks to Dave Johnson for the help in getting this one squared away. Hope you guys dig it.



Monday, May 17, 2010

Ironfist Lines

Here is another character that I've never drawn but really been wanting to. I really like the design and drawing kung fu poses is just fun anyway. Lots of room to run with this one. Hope you guys like it. I'll be posting colors for him later tonight I hope.

Hope you are all well.



Friday, May 14, 2010


So I finally finished this one or so I think. I'll probably see something that needs tweaking just as soon as I hit the submit button. This one evolved quite a bit as I was working on it. A big thanks again to Tom Fiester for Kicking me in the butt and making me work harder. I hope you guys dig this one as much as I enjoyed working on it.


Nightwing Redux

So my pal Tom Fiester who has been doing some spectacular work on IDW's GiJoe covers emails me and he says in so many words, J, I'm digging this nightwing, but I think you could make it better and here's how and proceeds to give me some great tips on punching up the power of this pinup. He even takes what I originally posted and manipulates it in photoshop to show me what he's wanting. I spent the better part of my downtime yeasterday making the changes and I like how it came out. So here are the redone lines.

Hope ya like the redo.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nightwing Pinup Lines

Been Wanting to draw a nightwing piece for a while now and last night the muse descended and I came up with this little composition. I'm looking forward to jumping into the colors on this and having a nice new print ready for Heroes in a couple weeks. Hope you guys are well.



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Attrocitus Commission

Finally Finished this guy up yeasterday and got him posted on DA but not on here. There really aren't a lot of good images to follow for this guys design so I had to kinda piece him together from what I could get off of Comic Vine. Anyway, here ya go. Hope ya like it.

Hellboy Stuff

Been Drawing some Hellboy stuff inbetween commissions. Just some extra last minute stuff for the sketchbook Trying to get a few more mainstream characters in there. I drew a lot of obscure characters this year and I think the book could benifit from some of the heavy weights. That being said, here are a few pieces that I'm working on for a Hellboy montage, I'm hoping to have ready before heroes.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spiderman Sketchbook Cover for 2010 Con Book

This will be the cover image for my 2010 conbook. I'll have these on sale for $10 with a free headsketch in the front for any fans that want to pick one up. I think that is a pretty good deal for forty pages of art and a head sketch. I think this one turned out pretty good, though per usual I'll hate it in about two weeks which is right when I'll have them printed and be feeling like I came up short on this. Still as drawing spiderman goes, he's such a tough character for me that I have to be a little proud of this one right now. I've posted it with and without the cover text.



Sketchbook Cover Redraw.

So I took another look at my last post and while in color it probably would have been ok, I decided to push it a little further and redraw the spiderman part of it. I think what I came up with is more along the lines of what I had originally envisioned. I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Here ya go.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spiderman Sketch Book Cover and Blog Header

This is the lineart for my new Sketchbook that debuts at Heroes Con this year. It will showcase the work I've done between Heroes Con 2009 and Heroes Con 2010. I should have colors up by tomorrow night and some more Green Lantern Stuff coming soon as well as a cover for a four page story I'm doing for First Salvo. Hope you guys are all well. Sleep tight.