Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monster Inks

So these are the final lines inked for the Monster Illo I started yeasterday at Dine and Draw. If you compare them to the sketch you'll find that I made quite a lot of changes and pretty much drew the grass in illustrator. I've found that a lot of my decisions are made when i'm working in this program much the same way they were when I was doing traditional inks. Except with illustrator, my confidence is increased as a result of that nifty little Control Z shortcut. I'm waiting for the day to come when I have to replace a laptop because the Z button quits working. Color to come on this but for now I'm off to work on Cherry Bomb.

Monster pencils

Here are some pencils from Dine And Draw yeasterday in Savannah with Garry and Mike. We're hoping to or atleast I'm hoping to make this a regular monthly event in Savannah.

I'll be doing a step by step with this piece going through the process that I use.
There are a couple steps before this one including finding time to draw, finding inspiration, figureing out what I'm going to draw and so on but I don't have anything to post for those steps.
Once all that is taken care of I get to step one which is taking pencil to paper and sketching. In this case, the character what a challenge from Garry. "Draw Frankensteins Monster" he says. "Ok" says I. 15 minutes later you get this little sketch.
Step 2 coming soon.

Hope you are all well.


Snakeyes Adjusted

Here is Snake Eyes again with a slight color adjustment. In the previous pic, the yellow and red were more heavily saturated. Here I've reduced some of that. I was told and I agree that the original colors were a little heavy handed. The yellow and red were overpowering the blues of Snakeyes. With a primary color scheme, all three colors are competeting for your attention. Additionally, they sit in specific locations in space when used together. The yellow would be the equivalent of the forground, the red would fall in the middle ground and the blue would recede into the background. Here I'm trying to do the opposite. Color Theory is an animal all on its own and there are guys that I've seen that make it sing beautifully everytime. I'll leave it to you to decide which you like better.hope you're all well.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Snake Eyes Colored

Here are those Snakeyes colors. Maybe they're done, maybe not. Can you say pain in the butt to color. Cause I can. Still fun though. I was shooting for a split comp color scheme but because of the nature of his colors I'm getting a primary scheme goin as well. Oh well, both make for dynamic which is what this called for.

I'm off to hang with my bro Garry McKee today in Savannah. Maybe we'll find some time to sketch while we're slacking. Maybe, something good will come from that sketch time....probably not. We are talking about former members of Jugendstil Studios. Which as James and John H will both tell you means Jugend still be waiting for a sketch. Hope you guys are well.

Oh, by the way, I wasn't really happy at all with my initial composition for the inks. Garry called me out on it and I revised the composition. I reverted to 12th grade again where every square inch had to have something in it. I like this better.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trying Not to Crap Out...I rolled Snake Eyes

So G.I.Joe will be in theaters in a few weeks and while I'm almost 100% sure that it will suck, I went ahead and hammered out a Joe Character Sketch. Yup, call me a captialist if you will, I still believe in making money and I think these characters will be hot at Megacon In August. Now, I realize that our current prince and his band of merry morons are hellbent on converting our country to a socialist economy, but I'll still fight the power until our dollar is about as valuable as the rupies you find when you cut the grass in the legend of Zelda. My grass has gotten pretty tall, so I expect that when they finally succeed, I'll be rockefeller rich in a country of poor, starving sheep who buried thier heads in the sand while the Constitution was used as toilet paper. I wish there was a Real American Hero like G.I.JOE. We sure as hell need one.

Ok, now that that is out of my system... I had a hankering to take on a Joe Character, though I have to admit, that G.I. Joe and Rainbow bright are probably the last projects I'd ever pursue. I wouldn't want to draw Rainbow Bright because she sucks and Drawing G.I. Joe just intimidates the heck out of me. All those toys with the cool designs. I'm afraid I couldn't do them justice in the grand scheme of a month.

By the way, Sorry for the long abscence guys. I have been drawing, lots of projects distracting me. I just drew this last night so I could actually update my blog. I hope you guys are good. I'll throw some color on this guy later today.
By The Way... If you havn't found your way over to my Deviant Art page the url is...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Public Enemies and the 4th of July.

Hey Guys

Just Caught Public Enemies with the wifey yeasterday! Great movie. Well written and beautifully shot. It's a little long and while It isn't Die Hard action packed 4th of July fun, it is still worth seeing. It was great to get hollywoods version of this story since I only really had a vague understanding of these characters.

I havn't got anything new to post today but I do have the colored version of Beastboy to throw up so hopefully that will tide you guys over.

Seeing the movie yeasterday has me with Gangsters on the brain so I'm going to pull my own gangster concept out of the mothballs that it has been sitting in since early 2006 and working on it again. Some of you might remember it "Uncle Paulies Nuts." Mike had some luck with Cartoon Network last year which makes me think that maybe I could too. Anyway, I'll hopefully post a new illo monday or tuesday depending on how much I can work this evening and tomorrow. We're going to the inlaws for the fourth.
Hope you guys are well. Sorry, not captain america or stars and stripes for the 4th. Beastboy is the best I got. He's probably a patriot. Happy Fourth.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer is running away

Alright, So I started off on fire and now I've miss a few days in a row. I have been drawing but I've had a lot of not comics projects going on that have to be cleared out so I can focus again. In the mean time I'm posting this Hawkman that I did shortly before the con. I was trying to get a very forced perspective look with this and it didn't quite work out so his head ended up looking a little humongous. Oh well, he is a bit of an egomaniac.

Summer is counting down and I am not looking forward to another 180 days of managing students. I've got to get some serious relaxation in in these next few weeks or I'm done for. I don' t feel like I've decompressed at all.

Here is Hawkman. He kinda looks like I feel.