Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trying Not to Crap Out...I rolled Snake Eyes

So G.I.Joe will be in theaters in a few weeks and while I'm almost 100% sure that it will suck, I went ahead and hammered out a Joe Character Sketch. Yup, call me a captialist if you will, I still believe in making money and I think these characters will be hot at Megacon In August. Now, I realize that our current prince and his band of merry morons are hellbent on converting our country to a socialist economy, but I'll still fight the power until our dollar is about as valuable as the rupies you find when you cut the grass in the legend of Zelda. My grass has gotten pretty tall, so I expect that when they finally succeed, I'll be rockefeller rich in a country of poor, starving sheep who buried thier heads in the sand while the Constitution was used as toilet paper. I wish there was a Real American Hero like G.I.JOE. We sure as hell need one.

Ok, now that that is out of my system... I had a hankering to take on a Joe Character, though I have to admit, that G.I. Joe and Rainbow bright are probably the last projects I'd ever pursue. I wouldn't want to draw Rainbow Bright because she sucks and Drawing G.I. Joe just intimidates the heck out of me. All those toys with the cool designs. I'm afraid I couldn't do them justice in the grand scheme of a month.

By the way, Sorry for the long abscence guys. I have been drawing, lots of projects distracting me. I just drew this last night so I could actually update my blog. I hope you guys are good. I'll throw some color on this guy later today.
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  1. I couldn't care much less about GI Joe [although I did have one of the original ACTION FIGURES - NOT DOLLS - when I was a kid wayyyyy back in the 60's and I agree with your prediction for the movie], but I do dig your drawing of Snake Eyes.

    Also, thanks for the link to your DA page. I am following [not stalking] you now.

  2. I really love the pose to SE. But the general design and proportions don't look completely settled yet.