Saturday, July 4, 2009

Public Enemies and the 4th of July.

Hey Guys

Just Caught Public Enemies with the wifey yeasterday! Great movie. Well written and beautifully shot. It's a little long and while It isn't Die Hard action packed 4th of July fun, it is still worth seeing. It was great to get hollywoods version of this story since I only really had a vague understanding of these characters.

I havn't got anything new to post today but I do have the colored version of Beastboy to throw up so hopefully that will tide you guys over.

Seeing the movie yeasterday has me with Gangsters on the brain so I'm going to pull my own gangster concept out of the mothballs that it has been sitting in since early 2006 and working on it again. Some of you might remember it "Uncle Paulies Nuts." Mike had some luck with Cartoon Network last year which makes me think that maybe I could too. Anyway, I'll hopefully post a new illo monday or tuesday depending on how much I can work this evening and tomorrow. We're going to the inlaws for the fourth.
Hope you guys are well. Sorry, not captain america or stars and stripes for the 4th. Beastboy is the best I got. He's probably a patriot. Happy Fourth.

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  1. I'm really glad to hear that you're working on Uncle Paulies Nuts again.
    Public Enemies was not a great flick. Did you really care about the characters? I didn't care a bit about any of the characters. The acting was just fine for the most part, but the love interest absolutely sucked. There was very little tension created throughout the film. And Dillenger's celebrity wasn't really explained at all. In all, it was alright at best. But it's a matinee, not an evening feature. Perhaps even a 'wait for video' kind of film. The writing seemed like the weakest aspect of the film. I was less impressed with the cinematography as well. It appeared too obviously shot on video in my view. It would have been better on film.
    Having said all of that, there were some magnificent shots here and there.