Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monster pencils

Here are some pencils from Dine And Draw yeasterday in Savannah with Garry and Mike. We're hoping to or atleast I'm hoping to make this a regular monthly event in Savannah.

I'll be doing a step by step with this piece going through the process that I use.
There are a couple steps before this one including finding time to draw, finding inspiration, figureing out what I'm going to draw and so on but I don't have anything to post for those steps.
Once all that is taken care of I get to step one which is taking pencil to paper and sketching. In this case, the character what a challenge from Garry. "Draw Frankensteins Monster" he says. "Ok" says I. 15 minutes later you get this little sketch.
Step 2 coming soon.

Hope you are all well.


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  1. Dine and Draws are a great idea. Beatty and I were doing a "Sketch Society" meeting once a month with artists from driving distance coming in to hang out. Even though I didn't draw, I usually would take photos and do some blogging about the shennanigans.

    Looking forward to you walking us through the process.