Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monster Inks

So these are the final lines inked for the Monster Illo I started yeasterday at Dine and Draw. If you compare them to the sketch you'll find that I made quite a lot of changes and pretty much drew the grass in illustrator. I've found that a lot of my decisions are made when i'm working in this program much the same way they were when I was doing traditional inks. Except with illustrator, my confidence is increased as a result of that nifty little Control Z shortcut. I'm waiting for the day to come when I have to replace a laptop because the Z button quits working. Color to come on this but for now I'm off to work on Cherry Bomb.


  1. This is a freaking, stone cold treasure!!!! It's shaping up to be my favorite sketch you've ever done at this point. As it is, it captures the sketch better than any of your previous inkjobs have. AWESOME!!! I'm so freaking jealous!!
    You gotta send it to the Incredibles dude.

  2. Hey.... I sent the sandman to slowartists.

  3. Really like the additions/changes you made. Gary is right, this bad boy is really shaping up. Oh, and your line about needing to get a new computer because you wore out the Z button made me chuckle.