Friday, May 7, 2010

Spiderman Sketchbook Cover for 2010 Con Book

This will be the cover image for my 2010 conbook. I'll have these on sale for $10 with a free headsketch in the front for any fans that want to pick one up. I think that is a pretty good deal for forty pages of art and a head sketch. I think this one turned out pretty good, though per usual I'll hate it in about two weeks which is right when I'll have them printed and be feeling like I came up short on this. Still as drawing spiderman goes, he's such a tough character for me that I have to be a little proud of this one right now. I've posted it with and without the cover text.




  1. Hey this is awesome...keep up the great work and thanks for the share.
    What I like about it is the dynamic composition...very cool.
    I cracked up about not liking it in 2 weeks time -whats with that...I'm exactly the same.

    Word of warning about your 1st comment...I've been getting these as well on my blog - they take you to seedy sites.

    Keep up the posts....JC