Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deviant Art

Hey Guys,

It's four days in a row now. I'm finally finding my strength again after a weekend of meeting greeting, selling and definitely smelling at Heroes Con. Of course I'm a little sick. You can't shake that many hands without getting the gunch at somepoint. Gonna wear latex gloves and a breather next year.

So I finally took the Deviant Art Plunge at the urging of my bud Randy Green. I was fortunate enough to be invited to join Tsunami Studios about five years back and while I'm still not sure why that talented group of cats wanted me, I'm grateful for the opportunities it has presented, not the least of which is getting to know those guys. The stuff they are doing and the levels they've built their careers up to make me feel like a fraud whenever I'm hanging out with them at the shows. Gonna try to make up for that eventually guys, but in the meantime thanks for being pals and for the support and advice you give. It was great seeing you at heroes this weekend.

Anyway, if you wanted to check out Deviant Art my handle or codename or secret identity on there is


if that doesn't show then just run a search for JWalker and maybe one of my pieces of art will pop up.

For today I have Mr. Deadpool himself. I worked this guy out in a hurry to get ready for the show. I Knew he was a popular character from cons past and having fan after fan ask if I had a Deadpool print or if I could draw deadpool. So I busted him out and the reception was pretty good. I might just do another one. Of course people were quick to point out that because of his healing factor he really wouldn't need to block bullets. Ohhhh Hollywood, you know I love you more than one guy should....that's Lyrics from Collective Soul's song "Hollywood" for those of you who can't remember past Nickleback.

Anyway, go check out the deviant art gallery. It's at the following URL

Believe it or not I have stuff on there that isn't on my blog, well kinda.

have a great day and enjoy swimming in the deadpool.

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