Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Having a blast

I love the Primary Colors. They are just beautiful, and they always look good together in my opinion if they are used correctly. So I jump at a chance to use them with a character whose costume can be manipulated to use them with. I think these turned out well. I did a little more rendering than I have in recent posts. I'm not sure if I'm digging it or not. I've been toying around with adding a third value in to my colorings. Not sure if i want to go that root or not. Anyway, this was a blast to color, no pun intended and I'm still excited about what is coming. Not sure which character is in the pipeline. last time I said something about Captain Marvel and the Black Adam and you guys got the Creeper and Adam Strange. I won't speculate this time, but Instead I'll start sketching and see what happens. Hope you guys are well. Looking forward to seeing more art from those of you that make art soon.

Incidentally, The reversed colors come as a result of posting CMYK mode jpegs to the web. I figured out that they need to be posted in RGB.....Duh!. Still looks cool in a happy accident sort of way.



  1. Wow J this is really nice too! Remember me when you make it to the big dance. Sorry I haven't called yet, I've been kind of busy/stressed and I keep forgetting to check to see what sort of long distance plan I have.

    The gun looks good I like the metal work reflections. I also really like the shadow of his right hands pinkie that casts over the rest of his fingers. It takes your shading technique (which everyone does) from being typical to sophisticated in that you are really utilizing your light source. You are not just adding shadow because you're suppose to, but for a reason.

    The gun hand. I am probably totally wrong on this one, I haven't held a gun in a long time, but his first row of knuckles look too far behind the front of the handle

  2. Hey man,

    You're probably right about the fingers, it's just me being lazy and not referencing. I was so preoccupied with getting the handle to connect to the gun correctly that I didn't sweat the finger lengths. I think overall the rest of the drawing compensates, but you're right, if I were trying to make it to the upper levels, those would be the details I'd need to focus on. I just need to draw some hands from life anyway.

    thanks for the heads up. Still looking forward to catching up.

  3. Wow I haven't seen Strange in a while. Glad to see you bring him back to life, even though DC did it with the "52" series, but they did poorly and way too seriously, what you did tastefully and with a "strange" sense of humor lol, major props for this one buddy.