Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wolverine Colors

Since you guys seemed to like this sketch a lot more than I expected I came back to it this morning and threw some colors in. I think he turned out ok. Its something for the sketchbook this summer if nothing else. Thinking about busting out a Captain Marvel or a Black Adam next. Maybe both. We'll see what happens. I'm off to my sketchbook.




  1. These colors are great. What palette are you using? My only problem with this pic is a small one. Almost more nit-picking really, but the "X" in the background is not doing anything for the whole image.

  2. The pallett is nothing special, just using more neutralized colors than the fully saturated ones. I open the color picker and look more towards the greys for that color. Then I experiment until I find a darker value for the shadows. As for the Purple X, the Drawing felt a little heavy on the right side and the purple also helps push the yellow forward from that white background.

  3. I disagree with Krayola about the use of the X in the background. For exactly the same reasons you mentioned J.
    And I think your color choices are getting more sophisticated by the hour.