Monday, March 16, 2009

Beware the Creeper

I've always liked the design of the Creeper. I'm not sure who first developed him, but he has that definitive 70's design aesthetic that I love and I always enjoy seeing characters that havn't been modernized by armor and tech stuff. He's just cool and he has a cool color scheme that I'm looking forward to working with. This should be fun.

I've concluded that original and unique poses are a thing of the past. There is nothing extraordinary about this pose. So after about 45 attempts at coming up with something original, I went with this. I'm anxious to do more work with this character so I'll probably work a little more on him before I move on to my next sketch. Hopefully I'll have colors to post for him soon.

Hope you guys are all well.



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  1. J,

    I like it. And for your knowledge, the Creeper was created by Steve Ditko. He first showed up in DC Showcase #73 in 1968. The story was called "Beware of the Creeper", it was plotted by Ditko and Denny O'Neil and drawn by Ditko.

    Looking forward to the colors.