Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teen titans go

It's amazing how much Japanese Animation has saturated our artistic culture. Characters like the Titans really have never held their own until they took them and put big googly eyes on them and put them on Cartoon Network. When I showed this to one of my students earlier today, he freaked out and really couldn't believe I'd draw a character like Cyborg. I was digging this character way back when the Kenner Super Powers Toyline and Cartoon were on TV and in Stores. I lost my affinity for him over the years and not I see green when I'm drawing him. Hoping that the Titans Print I have in mind will garner me enough Dough to pay for a steak or two this summer at the cons. I did the initial sketch of him in practically no time but the inks took a little longer once I'd actually gotten him scanned.

Hope you guys dig. I'll probably get all the titans I plan to include in this illo done before I color them so I can keep the colors and lighting consistant. Next up, probably Beast Boy or Changeling as they called him back in the day when kids were smart enough to understand what that meant.

Hope you are well.



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