Monday, September 14, 2009


This is a character named Hoss from Cartoon Network's Undefist. I watched a little bit of the Halloween special last night on Youtube. It's alright. Neat characters but the typical watered down ren and stimpy humor cartoon network is all about.

He was a pain in the butt to draw, & I bet I sketched him 30 to 40 times before I finally found some joy. I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out. I see a few tweaks here and there that I need to make but overall I'm glad he's drawn. Hopefully I can work on some colors today but this is a thick week for me with work so we'll see.

Hope you are all well.

thanks for checking it out.


  1. Hey J, you interested in doing any cards for this new Iron Man II set? Hit me with an e-mail if so, I'll give you the ADs info.


  2. Really cool buddy. Nice stuff buddy. You did a fine job on the character.

  3. Don't know the character, but I dig your clean lines and the pose. Well done, JW!