Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Face it El Tigre you just hit the Jackpot.

Alright, before you lay into me about why the hell I drew a character called El Tigre, let me explain. See, last friday I was getting pretty close to 1500 page views over at my Deviant Art Page and I wanted to go ahead and push things over the edge so I came up with a little contest where by who ever was the first to comment after I hit 1500 page views would win the chance to boss me around for my next five illustrations by getting to choose who I drew. So I put the contest in my Journal and went beddy bye for the evening. The next morning I woke up to find that not only had I surpassed 1500 page views, but that the winner was one of my more loyal watchers Superplayer J. He's waited dilligently for the numbers to pile up and BOOM! 1500 pages views fell like a ton of bricks.

So I emailed him and told him he'd won and that he should send me a list of 5 characters he'd like me to draw. Now in my experience, certain characters are bound to fall if you give someone a chance to make requests in comics. I figured I'd get a Batgirl, maybe a Harley or Poison Ivy, probably a hellboy. On the otherhand, I figured, maybe this guy would shoot the moon and I'd get some obscure Anime that I'd have to scour google to find reference of and then i'd get the Batgirl, Harley, Hellboy and Batman. Nope. Superplayerj is a conosieur of all things comics and he posted one of the most eccentric and out of left field lists of characters I'd ever encountered. Not since the days of Scuba Steve and Rouphie have I see a list of requests like this and Mr. El Tigre here happened to be one of them. So here he is, in all his glory waiting on some chromatic enhancement from yours truly to make him sing take me out to the bullfights.

Hope you are all well. Enjoy the Tiger

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