Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Charcter Design 1 Colors

Here are the colors for the character I uploaded last night. I went as far away from hakman as I could. He looks more like an anti-hero now or maybe even a little bad guy but I dig it. The publisher really liked it. Hope you guys do to.


  1. J.

    I like it. He still is a little Hawkman, but any character like this will have that relation. So no worries.

    I might suggest that you push the gray armor pads a bit bit more into the blues/cools. That should help pop out the orange accents.

    Also maybe play with his wings a bit A gyr falcon, though some have gray wings, are most know for white wings as they are northern/arctic birds, using a cool gray almost white for the wings again will pop the accents.

    Just my thoughts, but it looks good as is too.

    the Kidd