Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My 100th post and a boobie girl too.

So how fitting is it that my 100th post would also be a drawing of my first boobie girl that I actually took to the level of completed illustration in god knows how long. Two versions of her. Her personality is that of a butch nazi spy dominatrix kinda gal. You know the type, the ball busting blonde with slight lesbian undertones. The first version I did said all of that but I think she looks a lottle androgenous. I softened the brow and the nose up on the second one and I think that is the one I'll end up coloring. Anyway, here's to hitting 1000 entries and drawing alot more boobie girls that are much better than this one. The top version is the one that I settled on, though I think the publisher still wants some tweaks. Garry brought it to my attention that she looked like a cyclops in the other two.

Hope you guys are well.


The JWalker

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