Thursday, September 10, 2009

A fixed version of Samurai Jack

This illo has been very popular over at Deviant art but one of the minor criticisms I've had on it come from Robert Atkins who informed me of the anatomy of a Katana Sword. Apparently, and I hadn't even considered this, the diamonds and embellishments that are on the handle of the sword are on the flat side with the blade. In the original illo they were a little off which made it look like he was screwing the handle onto the sword. This is the kind thing I think that separates pros from amateurs like me. I don't think that drawings need to be filled with detail but I do think the details you put in should atleast be accurate so thanks to Robert for the heads up. Here is the fixed version.

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  1. I do NOT want to be picky, but the katana's blade is also slightly curved--it's called a traveling blade--so that mounted cavalry can slice evenly from a galloping horse and not be !THUNK! stopped by a straight blade. The hand-guard is also circular instead of square. Yours is more like a ninja sword--straight-bladed, square-handled, so it can be easily drawn from a back or shoulder sheath.

    (But...not to be picky, heh, heh.)

    I think he looks fantastic, especially the folds of his garment on the ground. Very realistic yet remaining animated.