Thursday, October 29, 2009

Panzer Print Colors

So I finally finished the colors on this piece. Took way longer than I planned and when it was all said and done I probably made about 20 cent an hour but he was fun, I have feel like I have a fairly nice little illustration done. This was a commission for Garan Madieros [link]I'm currently working on a 4 page backup story for Garan's Book Contract that I'll be doing pencils inks and colors on. This was a little warm up commission that he hired me for. Hope you guys like it. I may piddle with it a bit more but for now I'm calling it done as my eyes are blurring and I want to go to bed.Hope you guys like it. BestThe Jay-Walker


  1. Awesome job. You've really balanced the colours nicely. Colours play such a huge part in any piece, so well done.
    Keep up the posts they great!!!

  2. thanks pal. This one was a challenge to get the greens into the colors of the character without overpowering that base hue. I'm glad you dig it. when I color I always consider what basic color scheme I can use to get the maximum effect based on what colors are in the charcter. Since Complementary schemes create the most tension this seemed like a natural fit for this illo.

  3. You rocked it, brother. Very nice from start to finish.

    Hey, at 20 cents an hour, I can afford to hire you... heck, I'd even give ya a raise to a quarter and hour! On a serious note, your dedication to getting the piece down "right" despite the low pay and hours on it, says a lot about your dedication to your craft. Hats off to ya!

  4. Thanks Craig,

    I made the mistake several years ago of thinking I was worth so much money per hour when I was working regularly. I thought I could afford to invest only a certain amount of time into an image and then I had to move on. This ended up hurting my work and effectively killing my career and my art directors faith in me. Now I'm slowing getting back into it and I don't want to bring that way of thinking with me. So yeah, even at 20 cent an hour, the person who paid me, paid what they could and paid with the expectation that they'd get the quality I display in my gallery. I don't need the money so much, so I'd rather do fewer projects and do a good job than do a lot of projects and have them look crappy.