Monday, October 26, 2009

Panzer Commission Lines.

This is a commission for a buddy of mine, Garan Madieros, who writes a comic called contract who I'll also be doing a four page story for, and handling all the art chores for it except writing and lettering. This will be my first attempt at penciling inking and coloring a whole story. I'm excited and scared senseless at the same time. The good news is that Garan is giving me a flexible deadline and he wrote a script to my perceived strengths so hopefully, we'll put out a product that we can both be proud of, but more importantly something fans will enjoy. This guy is one of Garan's Charcters, his name is panzer. He has superstrength and he's somewhat of a poonhound. Ultimately he's just a man's man with a German accent and a cybernetic arm. Garan wanted me to show that he had super strength so this was my best effort. Hope you guys like it. I'm looking forward to jumping into the coloring on it asap.

hope you are all well.


The JayWalker


  1. Hey there Jason,
    awesome image...can't wait to see the colour up.
    Do you have any rough thumbs for this's always interesting to see how an artist develops through the differing stages?
    Gotta say that cybernetic arm looks totally insane!!!!

  2. Hey Jason,

    I'll try to post the roughs up at some point. Time is short right now. Thanks for the comments.

  3. You're off to a strong start. It will be cool to see and read your thoughts as you move through the process.