Friday, October 9, 2009

Another character Design...#7.... Maelstrom

Here he is. Hope you guys like it. Colors coming soon.
On another note, Obama got the Nobel Peace prize today. I don't know what for but I now think of the Nobel prize as something similar to a high school diploma. Its an award given for doing pretty much nothing. Great job Guys. Thanks for seeking out the most deserving candidate for that award and pissing on years and years of legacy and prestige




  1. Hey there, love your work.
    Very dynamic and great poses for the characters.
    What's your technique for getting such a uniformed line - its so crisp and clean - very cool.
    Cheers for sharing.

  2. Hey Jason, Everything is done in Illustrator. It's all vector. Thanks for following the blog man. I really appreciate it. You can find more work on Deviant Art.

    best wishes.

  3. Thanks for sharing how you do this.

    I actually did a recent image in illustrator CS4. I used the trace option and then went in to tweak it a little. Doing it my optical mouse can be quite labour intensive.
    I'd most welcome only if you have time, but I've posted the image on my blog.
    Thanks also for the deviant art link, I'm definitely be watching you (yikes...sounds kinda stalkish)..