Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Find my wallet, It's the one that says "BAMF"

OK, so I'm not feeling like such a BAMF especially since I havn't posted since friday. Nothing new to post today either. Been busy with some new work that just started up monday. Here is a nightcrawler that I did back before christmas as part of a larger illustration. Just something to tide you over until I get warm up my drawing engine again.
Spring Break is next week. Thank the good lord. I havn't had any real time off since Christmas and these kids are getting ridiculous. 6 more weeks and I can have a summer vacation for the first time since I started this teaching madness.

hope you dig the elf,




  1. I love the big ol' entire illustration... on his own though, this guy lacks the strength that the Wolverine from that image has.
    Don't misunderstand me, he's pretty darned fly just like he is.

  2. Yeah, to agree with McKee, alone this pose isn't very interesting, but its not an alone pose. However, I do believe your Nightcrawler is a good fit for your mark making.

  3. Jason - I didn't know you had a blog until today. Excellent. Keep the door open because I'll be back!

  4. Hey Craig,

    Glad to see you found it. I was gonna send out a big invite to all my friends once I had enough on here to make it worth you guy stopping by. Spread the word and follow it. I've been posting pretty regular on here.