Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Baddie

Baddie is right, I rushed this one out earlier this week and havn't really been able to come back to it, but I wanted to get something up on the blog this week. April has been kinda slim for me posting and I'm sorry for that, especially after march was so productive. Things will be easing up for me now hopefully. Tennis concluded Tuesday with a heartbreaking loss ot Fitzgerald. Seriously, going to places like that puts things in perspective. They have telephone poles in the spaces between the courts to hold up the lights. I've never seen something as poorly thought out as this decision. I think it certainly hurt us and gave the other team a real home court advantage. My boys had to dodge the poles while they were playing and on two occasions when they were there to hit the ball back, the ball hit these poles. Now you say, the other team had to deal with them as well, and yes they did, but playing on those courts everyday gives them a bit of an advantage. Oh well, It was a good season and a great experience coaching those 7 guys. They're off to bigger and better things I'm sure.

so here is the Green Goblin. Maybe I'll have a redo on him since the basic drawing is done now. A little tweak here, an adjustment there, he might fly yet.

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