Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday Afternoon

Hey guys,

This hellboy represents my first attempt at doing an illustration completly in Illustrator. I had a lot of fun with this one and most of it was drawn completely in the computer. I'll have a full color print for sale at the cons this summer or you can order them by contacting me here on the blog. I may post the colors at some point but I'd like to save that for the show if I can help it.

In oddyssey news, I've begun doing sketches for Lord Grimshaw, a Tarzanesque character that exists in the world of Oddyssey. I'm envisioning a very lanky character so I'm struggling with the proportions and trying to keep him unified with the style of the book. Hopefully I'll have something to post for him tomorrow.
Also, lots of death around me these days. My wife's grandmother just passed away last night and my wife and her family are taking it pretty hard. She was a sweet old lady with a great sense of humor and it was my great honor to know her.
My former stepfather is also doing poorly. They don't expect him to last much longer. He was a tough old man, the guy that works for fun, farming and doing electrical work. He smoked for most of his life and the cigarettes caught up with him eventually. Fortunately, none of his children or grandchildren seam to have taken up that habit. All I have to say is if you were born after 1970 and you decided to start smoking, you're an idiot. There is way too much anti-smoking literature and information out there for you to have made an uninformed decision. Quit now.
For those of you that pray, please include both of these people. I'll catch up with you guys later.

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