Tuesday, February 3, 2009

THORough coloring

Hey gang,

Just finished slapping some color on the thor inks I posted a few days back. I'm sure a really good colorist could make this sing better than me, but I use what God Gave me.

I saw "Taken" this weekend. While I did enjoy the movie, it doesn't hold a lot of rewatchability for me. That being said, for a January/Pre Valentines Day movie, it wasn't bad. I've also seen some posters for the upcoming GIJoe movie. I hope this one is good. I really loved GIJoe when I was a kid. They way I see it, GIJoe will rock like the 3/4 inch action figures from the early 80's or it will suck like the Kung Fu grip that eventually killed the franchise. Either Way, I'll plan to be in theaters seeing it.

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