Thursday, March 11, 2010

Captain Marvel Lines.

Here is another quick Captain Marvel Sketch to help me sharpen up before the Madness that is megacon. I'll be heading down early in the morning. I've always loved Megacon. It was my first comic convention, I've made some great friends there and I have a lot of great memories. If you've never been you really should check it out. It is for the most part very family friendly with lots of great artists and other celebritites walking around and doing work for a modest fee.

If you make it down to the show, stop by the table and check out my wares. I'll have my 2009 Con book for sale as well as prints in 8.5x11and 13x19 for sale and as always I'll be busy plugging away at commissioned sketches.

Hope you enjoy the Captain Marvel. I'll be posting colors asap.

Catcha soon.


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