Friday, January 23, 2009

Just A Swangin

The weekend is finally here. All downhill for the rest of my day. January is a miserable time for movies. Once the holdovers from December clear the theater we're usually left with limited choices and nothing that screams "SEE ME." Kill shot opens this week, but nothing about it looks terribly original or attractive. If I weren't searching the theaters for something to see I'd have never heard of it. Definitely one for netflix. Next there is "Donkey Punch." Yeah, no thanks. Revolutionary Road looks like a movie to slit my wrists to. Inkheart, looks like a childrens movie, but it could be good if they don't monkey fist it. Defiance is opening that will probably get my money, and I just saw that the Wrestler is finally in theaters in my area. That one shows promise. Maybe if I can sell the wife on it.

As for art today, I have a little Batman Action for you. He'll be making an apearance in a Worlds finest print I'll have at heroes con this summer. He's another sketch I had hanging around in my sketchbook from a few years back. Figured I'd see what could be done with him. Hope the weekend is good to you. See ya monday.

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